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                                                  "We're Protecting You, Please Help Protect Us"

 What to expect when you arrive for your appointment.
Please plan to arrive on time.

We request only (1) person with a scheduled appointment will be allowed to enter at the appropriate time. Guests with children that are not receiving services will not be allowed in the building.

      We will have you:

  • Wash/sanitize your hands upon entering

Salon Guests:

 We will be using freshly laundered/disposable capes and sanitized brushes and combs for each service. We will also be sanitizing any touched surface between guests. This includes: door handles, shampoo bowls, and styling chairs. These items are cleaned with harsh chemicals after every client. 

Please go to for our current service offerings and appointments.

Make sure you provide your email and phone number. Your appointments will be confirmed via text message/email.

Please limit the personal belongings that you bring into the building.
Please Remember

You are family and Studio 23 is our home!  We have always gone above and beyond sanitation guidelines and now we are going to go even further!  We are coming back BETTER and STRONGER than ever before! We appreciate all of the Love, Support.

Please type your name below to acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the above policy and procedure. 

You must agree to the above policy to be serviced.

Thanks for submitting!

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