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Our Journey,

My best friend of five years and business partner decided after 9 months that she could no longer handle the challenges associated with starting a new business. I was devastated. Looking back, I understand why she quit. We were 23 years old, she just had her first child, and was married. I, on the other hand, was single with no kids, "living my best life" and was not going back. We managed a chain salon together for a few years prior to us branching out on our own. Feeling as though I had nothing to lose but everything to gain, I continued on. 

Once the excitement of being my own boss faded, I was getting hungry not only for success, but for food literally! I did not have a partner to help carry the load anymore. I did not know that one of the biggest recessions was around the corner. 

Whenever I wanted to quit, which was daily, I thought about the people who supported me. How would this affect the clients who drove many miles to help make this dream a reality?

They believed in the vision ........ to expand the concept of beauty; and to use the individuality of our clients to enhance their appearance.


They believed in the mission....

to transform our community and the world by exceeding the standards in beauty, and create new trends and leaders for tomorrow.

Thirteen years later, Studio 23 is living out our purpose. We are creating young entrepreneurs with our mentorship program. Our team provides services that fit our clients' lifestyles while helping them look and feel their best.

Come see for yourself!


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